How to Generate Applications with a Single Text Prompt Using Maestro and Claude-3.5-Sonnet

In the realm of AI technology, the new Cla 3.5 Sonnet model from Anthropic has taken the spotlight with its remarkable coding capabilities. This model has the power to create a multitude of applications, ranging from desktop applications to games, with just a single text prompt. The key to this seamless application generation lies in … Read more

Unveiling the Future: The Rise of Super Intelligence and the Ambiguity Surrounding SSI

In a dramatic turn of events, Ilia Skver, once acclaimed for his contributions to OpenAI, has resurfaced with the launch of a groundbreaking startup, SSI (Super Safe Intelligence). Promising to pursue the development of artificial super intelligence (ASI), SSI has sparked both excitement and skepticism within the tech community. ASI, a theoretical form of software-based … Read more

5 Practical Uses of AI for Work or School

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5 Common Mistakes When Using ChatGPT: How to Optimize Your Experience

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